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Making Psychedelic-Assisted Sessions Mainstream

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You want to visit someone who is working with psychedelics. But it's often difficult to find someone, and to know where you can legally do psychedelics with guidance. Therefore we've listed all guides (personal guidance), retreats (weekends with a group), clinics (half-day, repeat sessions), and integration coaches. That way you can find the perfect psychedelics experience for you.

Psychedelics Directory is currently a work of love. The site is maintained by the team behind Blossom. One of our other projects is an informational website for researcher, students and anyone interested in learning more about psychedelics. You can also visit our comprehensive Psychedelics Protocol website for protocols on how to use psychedelics as a participant or guide.

Psychedelics Directory is currently being populated and might not have all guides, retreats, clinics, or studies listed. You can help us by submitting them here (url, name, short description). We aim to have all new submissions on the website in 2-4 workdays.

Industry organisations are currently still small, but good work on ethics and guidelines is being done by North Star (US) and Guild of Guides (NL/EU).

We are all waves of the same sea,
leaves of the same tree,
flowers of the same garden.

- Seneca the Younger

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